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Showcase cover image for Honda S-MX Japanese Magazine Featured

General Information

B20 engine - Previously Supercharged.
Made and sold in Japan, imported to the UK, Jap Mag featured car.

I will find the details later.. but this car was pretty much custom from the front to rear. Coilovers, brakes, carbon bonnet, blue and leather suede interior, carbon look dash (I think), intake, AMAZING wheels on it, tinted lights, MOMO racing wheel, pedals, japanese nagivation (LOL)... and it came with a genuine japanese music cassette lol. No idea where that is now.
Custom body kit.

I was stupid to sell it so cheap. In fact I should have sold it for parts, it was loaded.

Car seats turned into a bed :D

Here is old info I found from my old club:
Some mods are: (It's a Rays modded S-MX)
Full Carbon Bonnet in Silver
Full aftermarket bodykit
18" Varden Sport SSR split rims
Drilled front disks, uprated rear drums
Braided brake lines
Coil-over suspension on back and very low drop on back with adjustables.

Blue Leather and suede interior (including dash)
Momo steering wheel
LED front parking lights
Alloy pedals
Unknown spoiler
Tinted rear lights (with reverse and indications swapped round)
Some engine bay dressing/braiding
Replaced intake pipe and filter.
Cut-off switch
Clear front indicators

It used to have a supercharger on it, and I only have the Comrade C's supercharger ECU (now removed to try to get it to run right).
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