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Metallic Bronze (momemtarily)
1 owner. 1 builder. Me. My apologies. Not deliberately being cocky here. Just can't believe the size of the rice patty I logged onto.

Nissan built a very excellent platform with superior technology, and all I here is people begging for an extra 100 HP in a MT SUV setup that cant even make any real use with that power, or that they wish Nissan had a manual awd. Lol. Ignorance is bliss I reckon!
2013 Nissan Juke (Metallic Bronze (momemtarily))


Mostly proprietary it seems like, since I'm barely seeing half my numbers around here when the bottle is left at home, + A lot extra of real components, without the fried rice.

474 AWHP, 625 ft/lb trq

Thats without the 2-stage NOS

Hey MT Guys! Sorry! You'll never see those torque numbers, I can only consult you on power and not how to transfer it to a smoke cloud as I don't have time to waste on developing a dying technology in racing. Or even Heavy haul for that matter. Sorry about your luck. MT are old technology.

Why do you think F1 banned CVT's in the mid-90's? Duuuuu! It's because of its unfair advantage and superior technology. It's ok though. While your burning rubber at the line, then trying to catch me while granny shifting down the track, I'll be cooling off in the pits waiting on next round while you get on-line looking for new tires, new clutch, and well, contact info so you know what good advise sounds like.
Mostly gutted at moment. 1/4 of the roll cage. Some other non-rice like goodies. When finished, I will re-install all factory interior and run with full weight until I blow this seemingly durable engine, and then Red bull Rally this epic ride as to compete with our three competitors. You know, as to not sit in grandstands complaining about a superior transmission just because you like playing with shift nobs. I prefer playing with trophy girls personally.
Momentarily, just sponsorship stickers, and an off-road rally light. Because doing 120 mph on windy, mountain dirt roads at night is, well, more fun than playing with shift nobs. And if your wondering why I roll with no hood, then you really just don't understand the core concept of making power.
But hey, at least I did add some rice to my sweatshirt for most of you! Don't mention it.
A little extra boom (140 SPL) with less than half the equipment most people run (1-P3) because I am a professional tuner and not part of the 99% of car audio installers that either don't know how to actually tune a stereo (They all claim they did, lol, liars!), not good at algebra, or just don't care and rather lie to you because they don't know how to use a DMM or o-scope.
Wheel and Tire
Stock. and again.....until you hit my numbers, not necessary if you were smart and bought the CVT. And if you didn't spend the difference in the money you saved by ricing your ride.



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