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  1. 2015 Juke Nismo RS CVT AWD 210 AWHP

    Nissan Juke Classified Section
    NAME: Kurt Ewald CONTACT: PM me with any questions LOCATION: Michigan PAYMENT PREFERENCE: Cash or bank certified funds ------------------------------------------------------------------ ITEM: 2015 Nissan Juke Nismo RS CVT AWD PRICE: $18,500.00 SHIPPING: You Pick Up DESCRIPTION: Selling my 2015...
  2. CVT Failure

    Nissan Juke CVT
    Well she goes back to the dealer tonight after work. I will be curious to see what happens.
  3. CVT Failure

    Nissan Juke CVT
    I would think YES. I could file for the lemon law. I hate to do that. but I could.
  4. CVT Failure

    Nissan Juke CVT
    Yes, makes complete sense. But its all under warranty. Dealers problem on Monday. Weeeeee. back in a loaner again.
  5. CVT Failure

    Nissan Juke CVT
    This car doesn't know how to stay out of a dealership. I figured running her just factory stock would eliminate any problems. And 3500 miles later here we are with another CVT issue. I have 58,500 miles on her. Anyone want to buy her...............The thing that sucks is I own other Nissans past...
  6. CVT Failure

    Nissan Juke CVT
    Good News, I have been driving my Juke for 3500 on the factory stock tune since the CVT was replaced. Happy to report that I have a new code for the CVT P0725 that has arrived. Take her back in on Monday to service. WEEEEEEE.
  7. Michigan Jukes!

    East North - WI, MI, OH, IN, IL
    Fraser area.
  8. Vector W8 wins its category at Concourse d'Elegance of America 2019

    Other Vehicle Discussion
    3 months of preparation making sure every nook and cranny was detailed. The pay off was worth it. It was 98 degrees out and humidity was up in the 90%+ range. 1st place in our category. It was a fun day an a lot of amazing cars were on display.
  9. Limp mode and CVT temp

    Nissan Juke General Discussion
    I have 2 coolers one in front of the radiator 14,000 gvwr and a 22,000 lb gvwr cooler in the left front. Between the two I have temps under control. The left front cooler also has a good sized fan on it and I trimmed out the wheel well vents and removed the blocker plate in the fascia.
  10. CVT Failure @ 61,950 MI

    2nd Generation General Discussion
    I truly cant figure out why a class action lawsuit has not been filed regarding CVT failures. My Toyota dealer has a Nissan dealer that they own next door. I was talking to the GM and he said a few weeks ago they had 25 cars lined up for CVT replacement for the week. They are not failing due to...
  11. CVT Failure

    Nissan Juke CVT
    The fun part is I think the exhaust cam phaser failed. If you ease in to the throttle it will run fine on a flat surface. If it encounters a hill and you allow your right foot to maintain speed as soon as it sees a load it chokes itself out. If you try to pass someone and put your foot in the...
  12. CVT Failure

    Nissan Juke CVT
    Well. It has been 10 months since I have enjoyed my Juke. It has been relocated to another dealer. The dealer it was at received a new service manager and I think he and the Tech decided they were tired of trying to sort out the problems that they created. So I am glad I have a backup. I am...
  13. Spending time with your Juke or lack there of.

    Nissan Juke General Discussion
    I'm just glad this is all under warranty. The poor little car is about 4000 miles from being out of warranty. But until that time she is still being taken care of by Nissan.
  14. Spending time with your Juke or lack there of.

    Nissan Juke General Discussion
    The tech is the best Nissan tech on the planet. And one of my best friends. I am an ASE certified master mechanic in 11 categories so I won't let anyone touch my vehicles unless I trust them completely. He is the only guy I trust to touch the car. Unfortunately he has experienced Christine...
  15. Spending time with your Juke or lack there of.

    Nissan Juke General Discussion
    Ok, So I purchased my Juke about a year ago. It has been in the dealer longer than I got to drive it. I dropped it off in September for an issue with the rear differential. A new one was installed. Picked her up on a Monday. I drove the Juke home that Friday (269 mile trip) and on the way home...
  16. New Rear Shocks at 48,500 miles

    Nissan Juke Suspension and Brakes
    Well at least the car is home and running properly for the first time ever. But of course the right rear shock had to let loose and is now just making that annoying rattle in the back over every bump. So a set of KYB's are on order. Nothing special. Should be here June 26th. Another project to...
  17. CVT Failure

    Nissan Juke CVT
    Well driving a Rogue for now. Not exactly a fun car to drive compared to the Juke. But for comparison purposes I have had 3 cold starts in the rogue with 1500 miles that are on it and I have matted the throttle to the floor every morning and have not experienced a belt slip and grab like I have...
  18. Roll Call of Juke Owners

    New Member Introductions
    Year: 2015 Model/Trim: Nismo RS Country (or Location): USA Transmission: CVT JUNK FWD/AWD: AWD Color: White Interior Trim/Color: Red / Black Options: All Mods: Injen SRI, BOV, FMIC, UP-REV Tune, BIG CVT Cooler.
  19. CVT Failure

    Nissan Juke CVT
    Well this morning is not off to a good start. Just about 1500 miles on the new CVT with two noticeable slips this morning under moderate acceleration and trans temps around 167 degrees F. The other part issue is apparently rearing its ugly head. Dropping it back off at the dealer tonight.
1-20 of 161 Results