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    Dude! are you the guy from RAV4world? If you are I see you also got a juke! My Rav4 got totaled so I bought myself a juke!
    wryker ·
    are you still using the HD720 dashcam? how's it been working for you since you installed it a while ago?
    Bchu8815 ·
    Hey, I'm planning on painting my stock rims black, as well. I was just wondering how you painted yours, and if there are any cons that you have noticed. Thanks.
    magicallen ·
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    Juke'N ·
    Hey I am sorry to keep bothering you about this HID thing but this is the first time I have done this. I was looking at the site and there is some things I do not understand. It gives the option for HID Harness, Error Code Eliminator, Adapter Cables, and mounting I need any of that?
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