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  • gilkes ·
    need help i hv a nissan juke 2011 and its not locking with de smart keys remote this start happening about 2 days ago and even when all my doors close its showing a door unlock on my dash board really need ur help
    the dave ·

    I was looking at what you did with your brakes/rotors and was wondering if that setup works on a standard Nismo model as well, or do they only fit because the RS uses a different setup? Great job with it all though, looks great.
    Swiftab ·
    I love cars! I have worked in the auto industry all my life. I currently work for Calsonic Kansei. We make Instrument Panels and Consoles for Nissan. Hence, my newly found passion for Nissan performance cars.

    I have found a lot of great information on this site and like the interaction. Thanks to all that contribute.
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