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  • Diode Dynamics ·

    Thank you for asking @mommajuke!

    We have a complete kit listed for your Juke. U.S. forum members receive free-shipping, please send a PM to receive the code

    Nick C.
    mommajuke ·
    Hi. I was wanting to replace my map lights. Possibly my back up lights and trunk lights also. I haven't looked into how to replace those yet or how many I need. Anyway, my there going to be any sales going on soon? I never realized how expensive LED lights are! Thanks!

    For reference...I have a 2015 Nissan Juke SV I just bought a few days ago.

    *AKA*THE*STIG* ·
    Hello! I would really like to have some red interior lighting in my map / dome section. The Goal is to have both map lights on red lights and a super bright white light for the dome. The Idea would be low pro map lights and if needed switch the room light on for major light. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
    Bapeg5 ·
    I want to upgrade my interior lighting and also my license plate light to white LED. Any recommendations?
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