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Nissan Juke News and Reviews

News and Reviews for the Nissan Juke. Only Administrators may create new threads in this section.
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Nissan Juke Main

New Member Introductions

Are you new to our Juke Forum? Post up some information about yourself, and meet other new members in this section.
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Nissan Juke General Discussion

Please post any Nissan Juke related questions that do not fit it another category in this section.
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2nd Generation General Discussion

A place for all discussion of 2015+ specific topics
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2020+ Nissan Juke General Discussions

Forum to discuss to the upcoming 2020+ Nissan Juke. All related topics can be found in this section.
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Nissan Juke Engine Discussion

This section contains discussion about the Nissan Juke engine engine.
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Nissan Juke Appearance and Body

This section contains modifications or just general appearance questions that might affect your Nissan Juke.
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Nissan Juke Audio and Visual

Discuss Sound systems and other additions to the Nissan Juke.
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Nissan Juke Wheels and Tires

This section contains information regarding Wheels, Tires and Suspension on the Nissan Juke.
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Nissan Juke CVT

Any topic relating to the Nissan Juke CVT, post it here.
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Nissan Juke Suspension and Brakes

Discuss anything about Suspension and Brakes for the Nissan Juke.
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Nissan Juke DIY

Nissan Juke Do it yourself section.
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Member's Build / Journal / Work in Progress

Post here if you got an ongoing build, journal or work in progress Juke!
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Nissan Juke Ride Of The Month Feature!

Post your Juke to be featured as the Ride of the Month!
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Nissan Juke Media

Nissan Juke Pictures

Got some great Images of your Nissan Juke, feel free to post them here.
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Nissan Juke Videos

Found any or have any great video clips of your Nissan Juke? Post them here.
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Nissan Juke Classifed Section

Member Group Buys

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Nissan Juke Classified Section

This section contains items you have to sell.
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Vendor Member Section

Vendor Classifieds

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Vendor Deals

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Community Help

JukeForums AutoGuide Support / Help

Post here if you require technical assistance on
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Off topic Section

Other Vehicle Discussion

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Hot Deals

See a cool deal some where on the web? Post it here. Not used for self promotion, members will be punished for doing so.
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Off Topic Discussion

If you have something to talk about that's not related to the Nissan Juke, this is the area to do it.
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Events and Meets

Post any Nissan Juke related events, or meets you may be having. Get out and enjoy the cars you love!
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