Octane question...

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Thread: Octane question...

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    Member binzer's Avatar
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    Jun 2015
    Pittsburgh, PA

    Octane question...

    I was just wondering if anyone uses a higher than 91 octane fuel, and if so, is there any noticeable difference in performance?
    2015 JUKE SL AWD
    Blue LED interior lights, WeatherTech VentShades, Aries3D Front mats, OEM muffler painted flat black.
    No huge mods planned... maybe some chassis bracing, and some LED under-dash lighting.

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    Senior Member RevUp's Avatar
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    Jan 2016
    Hudson, fl
    Only 93 octane premium for the most part of available here in Florida, never used 91 octane. I wouldn't think there would be a noticeable difference from 91 to 93.
    2014 Nismo 6spd
    3" Custom turbo back Greddy SP exhaust + Injen SRI + TS Dual Port + 2J Pulley

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    I only have access to 91 here. I have put in 87 by accident and didn't notice at all and I have full bolt ons. Unless you are tuned to run higher, you really wouldn't see any gains or major losses. And with the ECU controlling cam and ignition timing, you shouldn't even see knock.

    Just my two cents....

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    2014 Juke NISMO RS AWD
    Forge IC kit red, Injen CAI w/Aux tube & Hydro Shield, Injen 2nd cat delete, Injen 3" cat back, Turbosmart DV, DDM 6K HID kit, LED light swap, Hella Supertone Horns, 2J Pulley, Z Specialties red kit, Greddy Informeter Touch.
    Planned: ECUTEK Tune, AWD DP, BC Coilovers, 3Gs gauge pod, AFR/Boost gauges, Samco hoses, Saiku Michi DOCCs, Sway bar/strut braces.

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    Member binzer's Avatar
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    Jun 2015
    Pittsburgh, PA
    I'm basically just curious. Since the owners manual says "a minimum octane rating of 91", and it mentions using 87 if premium isn't
    available, but you may notice a decrease in performance.
    I've used 91 since day one, but just got to wondering if there'd be any minor bump if I went to 93. Certainly not expecting any huge change, for sure.
    Again, just wondering about it is all.
    Thanks for the input.
    2015 JUKE SL AWD
    Blue LED interior lights, WeatherTech VentShades, Aries3D Front mats, OEM muffler painted flat black.
    No huge mods planned... maybe some chassis bracing, and some LED under-dash lighting.

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    Moderator Macgyver's Avatar
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    Apr 2012
    Just use the MAX octane that you have available to you. Its not worth trying to save a few dollars every fill up and go against what Nissan says to use.

    You wont really get any more perceivable power going from 91 to 93. Now going from 93 to 100 and tuning for it. That yields around 25HP as I saw this myself on a dyno.
    2014 Silver NISMO RS 2wd 240whp 260tqe
    Tint Sun Strip. Cargo Cover. DRL Switch. Zenon Headlites. Full Ultratech Racing Brace Pkg
    LED:Gator Backup Dome License SideMarker Brake. Pinstriping. Doorguards.Weathertech's
    Lighted Scuffs, Accent Lighting, Nismo Strut Caps, 80A Engine mount. Uprev Tuned. Boost gauge
    2J Pully, GTM IC pipes, Injen CAI, TS Wastegate, Injen 2ndCATdlt & 3" pipe, TS BOV, Stut Tower Brace

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    Senior Member jdubz8's Avatar
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    Sep 2016
    I use 94, they charge way more for it than 91 and it's not available everywhere but I get the 94octane like 80% of the time..I haven't really noticed a huge difference though
    2016 Brilliant Silver RS AWD
    -Injen intercooler piping (Candy Apple Red) Cold air intake (Candy Apple Red) Adapter pipe (Polished) 2nd Cat delete and Catback exhaust
    -Turbosmart Kompact dualport BOV
    -2J Racing Lightweight Crank pulley (Anodized Red)
    -2J Racing Engine hoses (Red/Blue) - on order
    -Saikou Michi Dual OCCs
    -Nissan OEM Interior lighting
    -Nismo pedals
    -Nismo strut caps

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    Senior Member squirtbrnr's Avatar
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    Feb 2013
    I started out with my Juke using 87. After a couple years I switched to 91 (93 when it's available). No performance difference between the 90s but there's a mileage difference between 87 and 90s. I can usually get an extra 20-30 miles per tank on 91/93 octane. What absolutely kills the Juke is when they switch to winter blend up by me... that stuff sucks and I can always tell when the gas station has switched. My mileage and performance drops horribly.
    2013 Nissan Juke SL - Gun Metallic - CVT - AWD
    "Günther" The Growling Gun Metal Grey Juke (Hidden Content )
    Injen - CAI, Second Cat Delete, Cat-Back Exhaust, IC Pipes w/ Custom Lower Pipe
    Turbosmart - Kompact BOV
    2J Racing - Lightweight Pulley
    Saikou Michi - Dual OCC
    Impact Racing Zone - Front Strut Bar
    Stillen - Rear Sway Bar
    Prosport - EVO Boost Gauge

    "Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new." - Albert Einstein

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    Jul 2014
    My only experience with using 94 is in my '91 Nissan Figaro (1.0l turbo). I got around 10% less mileage and no noticeable difference in performance. Since that test I only use 91 in my turbo cars.

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    Senior Member Lazarus's Avatar
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    Sep 2015
    Rowlett TX
    I don't think gas gives increase on power. I thought Octane levels were just the way the gas burns higher the octane the better the burn but not necessarily an increase in power
    2014 Nissan Juke Nismo RS 6MT: 2j Racing Pulley (RED), INJEN CAI W/ Hydro-shield, Injen 2nd Cat Delete,INJEN Cat-Back Exhaust, TurboSmart Duel Port BOV, SaikOu Michi Duel OCC, Injen Intercooler Hardpipes

    2014 Juke Upgraded Looks:Diode Dynamics Hi/Lo HID kit (BiXneon @ 8000k), RockBlockz MudFLap, Red Turn Signals, LED Alligator Lights, Limo TINT All Around, 2j-Racing Red Pipes.
    2008 Dodge Caliber SRT4: To Beefy Hidden Content

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    Senior Member
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    Jan 2011
    Kew Gardens, NY
    In my experience, 91 octane is typically in areas that do not have ethanol in their gas and 93 is in areas with ethanol-containing RFG. Ethanol raises octane equivalent rating (resistance to knock), but it also does not have the energy density of pure gasoline. If you have less than 91, your car will adjust the timing/boost/etc. to prevent damage from knocking. I do not believe that it gets better when you go over 91 without a re-tune. But if you are lucky enough have the option to get 91 without ethanol vs. 93 with ethanol, I would get the ethanol-free gas for better fuel economy and avoidance of ethanol-related issues.

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